2019 Behind the Scenes


I’ve always wanted to do one of these super fun slightly humbling (you’ll see which photo I’m taking about) posts.

Quick note: first half of the year was a lot of traveling, second half of the year is more wedding behind the scenes.

Left: Me at precisely 2:52 AM getting ready to head to UTAH… my first plane ride in almost a decade. Right, Antelope Island State Park before a shoot!

Boneville Salt Flats. I full on teared up the first time seeing this. We also had no cell service and almost accidentally ended up in Nevada after this. Tibble Fork State Park and demonstrating the dip.

Katya second shot most of my 2019 weddings with me. This was in February when we took some headshots around old city for fun. I HAD NO IDEA HOW DEAR SHE WOULD SOON BECOME TO ME.

Senior Team Shoot for the class of 2020! Shout out to my best friends for coming for support + Marie for baking BRANDED CUPCAKES + taking behind the scenes snaps of the day!

Went to Charleston for the first time. Before I went to Charleston: I swore I’d retire there one day. After: Move the plans up. I want to pack my bags and go n o w. Anyone in Charleston need a wedding photographer?

Europe! A full dream come true. Next few pics are Barcelona -> Aix en Provence -> Marseille. Also check out the 35mm DSLR selfie with momma.

And then wedding season finally arrived. Finally my time to third wheel for several months straight was here. Wedding photographer or dress fluffer?

I got to work with my sweet sweet friend Savanah (Savannah Smith Photography). Loved having her second for me.

Me not knowing what to do while several children played ring around the rosey around me.

More second shooter BTS- Katya holding family’s empty glasses + fam formal list + queuing groups all at once. A STAR. Savannah prior to capturing the coolest aerial at Jourdan & Jeff’s.

Sneak peeks, the best.

Thank you Andrew (Andrew Jay Films) for being the best viel tosser.

Were there jokes on the back of my camera?

What I think I look like while I’m taking photos…

VS what I actually look like (viewer discretion advised)

Same day sneak peeks are the reason why I do this.

Kinda like a mirror selfie. This didn’t make the final gallery, clearly.

Pulling over on the way home from Ikea with my friend to take a photo with the Ben Franklin Bridge in the back. Not pictured: the GIANT PLANT I JUST GOT. He’s doing great in my room 🙂

The papparrazi was after us.

First dance: photographer and bride edition.

The least cool photo ninja you’ll ever meet.

Katya testing that family formal light and then holding Jack when Jack didn’t make the cut for a family formal grouping.

Chris Cole (Moving Moments Films) testing the light for Daphne’s “getting dressed buttoned up” shot. And doing it realllllly well.

Holiday party with my dear senior team girls post photo shoot!

Fall wedding season: Favorite thing ever.

2020 is going to be phenomenal and I can just feel it! But, before I dive too deep in the New Year let me take this last sentence to extend the biggest virutal hug and thanks to my 2019 brides, grooms, seniors, and family of said clients who made this such a special year. Your kindess is humbling.


Here’s to more of this in 2020.

With love,


January 3, 2020

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