Thirty Three Ways to Utilize the Off-Season


The slow season is an underrated BLESSING. During the busy season, so much of my time gets put into working IN my business. Emails, sessions, delivering galleries… not as much goes into working ON my business. How can I serve my people better? How can I become a better photographer, business owner… what can I do to grow my business or make my life easier?

Here are thirty-three ideas to get you started.

1. Curate your portfolios
2. If you’ve been itching for a rebrand, do that now
3. Same goes for updating your website… make sure everything is current and no broken
links!! Or just… redoing your whole website.
4. Invest in a CRM and learn the ins and outs so you’re ready to utilize it when busy season
starts and the new friends/clients start coming in!
5. Brainstorm what you want to do to EXPAND your business
6. Force your friends to brave the tundra known as North-East winters and be creative on
those shoots.
7. Go through all of your backend workflows. Write them in detail. See what processes
could be more important.
8. Go through your FRONT end workflows. How can you make your senior’s (/their
parents) and your couples experience with you easier. (One of my biggest goals since I
use several different platforms to invoice, send contracts, galleries, etc.)
10. Update your contracts if necessary
11. Brainstorm blog posts for the future… what’s in your wedding day detail styling kit? Five
tips you’d give to someone in their first year of business?
12. Have a flat lay day and take a bunch of branded insta content!
13. Plan a trip to a place on your bucket list and get creative with styled shoots there (*cough
cough, Utah, hey @Mic)
14. Make sure all of your files from the season are backed up in multiple places, organized,
the works.
15. Re-edit some of your oldie-but-goodie photos with your style, if it’s evolved over the
16. Turn your price lists into a nice, branded PDF. Better yet? Turn your pricing into a PDF
book that explains to your potential brides, seniors, etc not just your prices but your
processes, beliefs, and goals as their photographer.
17. Make new industry friends and get coffee with them.
18. Have some ideas/ knowledge that you can share? Turn it into a freebie.
19. Or get going building that email list
20. Or educational course…
21. Go to a coffee shop and straight up spend the day brainstorming and creating copy
content for website, Instagram, blogs.
22. Analyze for marketing strategy from the year. What worked? What didn’t? What new
ways can you expand your reach in the 2019 season?
23. HEADSHOTS! Because it’s hard to think about updating your own headshots when
you’re photographing others all week!
24. Rent a cute Air BnB and do an indoor styled shoot.
25. Update your work area. (I call my little corner with my desk and computer my “studio” (it
helps me feel legit, okay?), and I fully intend on changing up the ~decor~ soon. I swear
a workspace that inspires you will boost productivity ten fold!
26. Learn a new skill… OCF? InDesign? The pen tool on Illustrator?
27. Invest in a course.. Because you’re never truly done learning.
28. Submit your favorite weddings/ sessions to be published!
29. Get on that SEO optimization grind for your website.
30. Get ready for tax season (idontwanttotalkaboutitidontwanttotalkaboutit)
32. Create resources to send to your newly booked seniors, brides, etc that will help them
plan their sessions.
33. Bonus… take some time off. Set your autoresponder on and walk awaaaaaay from the
computer. Having a business that is your baby is fantastic but unlike mothers of actual
little humans, I’m not sure if we have the type of bond that keeps you from flipping out
when you’re up all night tending to it. If planned correctly, we certainly have the luxury of
taking a day, a weekend, heck, even a whole month off.

January 31, 2019

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